What Does It Feel Like to Paint

When I tell people that I paint, they always says, O that must be really relaxing."  I always laugh inside, because it is not relaxing at all.  If I am painting outside, yeah the sun and wind feel good but it is not relaxing.  You are actually concentrating very intensively.  As they say, you are "in the zone."  The world drops away, and the only thing that matters is the painting. You paint as fast as you can while being the zone lasts.  After several hours, you get tired, and the world around you comes back.  That is the time to take a break or put your brush down for the day. If I paint in the evening, I have trouble falling asleep, because my brain is over stimulated from being in the zone so long!

"Wild Seed Poppies" by Ann McCann 8 X 8 Oil (c) 2017